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I am a writer, director, editor, and photographer based in Orlando, Florida. Through much of my career, I worked as an Assistant Director.  In 1999, I was recognized by and admitted into the Director's Guild of America as an Assistant Director.


In 2016, I stepped away from continuing my role as an Assistant Director and became a Writer/Director with my first short film, INTERRUPTION, that was accepted into the final rounds for entry into the Florida Film Festival.


INTERRUPTION did not become an OFFICIAL SELECTION for the Florida Film Festival, but the attention and reviews it received, convinced me that I should continue developing, writing and directing my own projects and those offered to me.


I'm also a freelance writer for various media outlets concentrating on business, news, politics, product launches, and copy writer for  television and radio.


My original screenplay, RIPPLES, was an OFFICIAL SELECTION for both SOUTHEAST FILM FESTIVAL, and 2019 ORLANDO FILM FESTIVAL. Most recently, my short documentary, THE CANVAS FOR A COMMUNITY has been chosen as an OFFICIAL SELECTION for the 2021 ORLANDO FILM FESTIVAL.


My goal for the future is to write full time while also continuing to work on videos and films.  I also want to continue developing, writing, and Directing my own films.

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