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Part of "The Conversation"With Billy Wright

I will be shooting an interview with local Orlando artist Billy Wright in just a couple of hours. A talented musician, Billy is getting ready to launch his new single, "The Conversation."

Part of the many exciting things discovering about an artist is what inspires them and drives them to produce the art they do. As a fan and writer-filmmaker, the story behind the work is part of why I felt we should sit down and talk about making the album and why YOU should listen to it.

I also think it is a treat for his fans to learn about Billy's work's progression in its direction. I want to know about the making of "The Conversation" and the methodology of building songs.

As I am not a musician, I want to know the process followed to get the songs out. I want to know who was involved and any personal anecdotes that the public and fans might find intriguing with the creation of "The Conversation."

As for making this informational video this afternoon, I will craft it to be a straightforward conversation with an artist who has a lot to say. I also want to know more about his music and the state of music in this day-of-home studio recordings without the backing of a big-name studio.

Faith and lack of fear are what produce art. And over the years, that is precisely what Billy has carried with him as he creates his music.

Does being a new father has anything to do with the making of this "The Conversation?" We'll find out.

I am more than excited and honored to have the privilege of talking with Billy Wright, a genuinely organic artist for our times.

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